Friday, 27 November 2009

Loro Piana's Morgex, an elegant solution to the Down Jacket problem.

For those of us that desire the Down of 'Puffa" jacket look, but find that Moncler's offerings are a little too... lets say extreme, although they do make some more restrained offerings, such as the wool Chamonix or Branson, and some other pieces, the majority of their selection tends to veer towards shiny and brightly coloured, and tend to remind you of a school trip with all the kids wearing their cheap puffer jackets, not really the look you want from a potentially £500/$800/€600 jacket.

For anyone who shares my feelings I would like to propose the Loro Piana Morgex Jacket, as stated in the circular by Loro Piana - href="" - it is designed to be a "quilted jacket with a young and casual cut", I have seen this in different iterations both in the Loro Piana Catalogues of the past few years (autumn winter 2007 mens) and in Bergdorf Goodman, available in Wind mate for a more techno funky look, wool for a more traditional look and for ultimate elegance in Cervo (deer) leather.

The details this beautiful jacket have are legion, including a detachable hood, keyring in the pocket, cashmere lining, option of detachable fur linings in the Wind mate version, patented Loro Piana mobile phone pocket, ear bud hole so you can store your iPod and listen on the go, and the killer feature on this piece must be the fox fur trim on the hood, which is also detachable, personally one detail which really make it stand out is the simple addition of a breast pocket, like the type found on a suit jacket, this detail really allow it to be versatile.

Due to the style of this jacket it can be young and funky with the hood on, Russian winter with the fur on, or very city and restrained, as with the hood off, as the quilting is not excessive and it has the breast pocket I already mentioned, so it can be buttoned up to look like a sort of elegant quilted blazer.

It is not inexpensive, in Wind mate it is £1400/$1995/¢1500 and in leather it is £3500/$5400/€3800, however, for anyone whose tastes allow them to stretch to that, I strongly recommend this as an alternative to the slightly gauche look of some (but not all) Moncler jackets.

Sadly as of writing this I can only find one picture of this awesome jacket, and it looks like it was from a eBay listing, so it does not really demonstrate the impact of this item, however, check back and I'm sure I'll have some better pictures, if not, then may I suggest a visit to your local Loro Piana boutique if my scribblings have inspired you.

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