Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Berluti, Beautiful shoes, but a little old, except for the Andy Loafer in Black or grey Suede.

Berluti are without question one of the finest shoe makers in the world, although many people question if they deserve to be ranked alongside the likes of Edward Green, John Lobb and Vass, or the undisputed 'bests' such as Lattanzi, they are unquestionably one of the most prestigious shoe makers in the world, if not the most in some peoples minds.

However one thing I often hear from Friends of mine, and several other people, is that most of their styles, they are either too chunky such as the (in my opinion) ill designed 'Ultimo', downright strange like the "tatoue' and "empriente du loup' or overwhelmingly that they are too old.

That is to say with the exception of the 'Andy' Loafer, designed by Olga Berluti for Andy Warhol in the 60's this shoe has remained timeless, and still looks as if it could be worn by either a teenager going to a nightclub for the first time, right the way up through the all the ages of man, smart young chap in his twenties, man about town in his thirties, fellow who knows where he's going in his 40's, and established man who has lived long enough to make sensible style choices based on what he likes.

The elegant shape combined with the low side of the shoe, along with the solid sole and good sturdy heel, all allow this shoe to transcend all fashion conventions and achieve the lofty accolade of being truly stylish, and truly timeless.

In my opinion (again) the limited edition in suede is the absolute best choice for something a little younger, although in any of the myriad shades that Berluti can customize calf leather to are of course beautiful, I feel that the suede is really the best choice for a more youthful and sharp look, it is available in black, grey and brown suede.

Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of these in suede, I may take a photograph of my own pair and post them (in black suede) but for now I only have a picture of them in calf, still, look lovely though, and you can clearly see exactly what I am referring to.

Word to the wise though, (although Berluti's staff will be sure to advise you of this also) make sure you buy at least a half size smaller if you decide to buy these, as suede has a tremendous amount of give in it, and you will very quickly find them unwearable, so go slightly uncomfortable at first, you will find after a few wears they feel like a pair of house slippers.

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