Friday, 4 December 2009

Loro Piana's Windmate reversible, did you know the variety of choices on this one?

I hate to sound like i work in publicity for Loro Piana, but I am going to do another Write up on a product by Loro Piana.

Today I would like to discuss the Wind mate reversible bomber, this short jacket is featured on the 'Icons' sections of the Loro Piana website featured in different coloured cashmere on one side and nylon (Wind mate) on the other, however, what isn't mentioned - and id like to discuss here - is the variety of different combinations that are available.

I have personally seen this jacket made in some 15 different combinations of cashmere and nylon colours, but rather than contrasting colours and materials, have you ever considered for example the possibility of having it in the same colour on both sides? If you were wearing an outfit and the colour of the jacket was coordinated, it would be annoying to have to reverse it and change to a different one, so imagine being able to wear it navy and using the classic combination of cream trousers, with the luxurious cashmere outwards, and then it starts to rain, if you were forced to reverse to a cream inner, or vice verse, that could look a little odd, depending on your mood, but with the same colour nylon inner, you can maintain the look you were going for when you left the house, and keep from damaging the precious cashmere.

Additionally it can be supplied in linen, cotton, mix of the above, or wool, silk, or again a mix of the two.

So if you are considering investing in a Wind mate short, for sailing, or just everyday walking around alternatively if its your first purchase of one, think a little bit longer about the combination of both colours and materials that would suit you best, as with a little enquiry at the boutique, rather than just buying the one presented to you, you may get the perfect Wind mate reversible just for your personal tastes and requirements.

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