Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Brunello Cucinelli, another alternative to Loro Piana, albiet a slightly more rustic one

After my last entry about malo as an alternative to Loro Piana , due to my feeling that this blog had become far too Loro Piana centric, I decided to suggest another alternative, Brunello Cucinelli.

From humble beginning and with a grand vision both to form a company with ethical practices that treats all its staff members as shareholders and partners (with paying them accordingly) and additionally restoring the medieval castle within which Cucinelli holds its workshop, this global brand seems to take a decidedly corner shop attitude towards its business practices.

Company Policy aside what about the products? Here Cucinelli excells with cashmere rivalling my personal love Loro Piana, and all featuring the most charming design details such as suede elbow patches and collar trim, the quality and feel of the cashmere is , as I said excellent, I sometimes feel when handling the sweaters that theyve got a few bales out of Loro Pianas back door, as they are the only company the quality compares with.

And the style is a refreshing alternative to Loro Piana also, a sort rustic countrified elegance, If one were tothink about the people who might wear these three high end garment makers, loro piana would be worn by the upper echlons of the elite who want comfort and elegance at all times those on yachts and with a slightly playboyish edge to some of their stuff, malo is for the younger crowd, perhaps the children of the loro piana wearer who isnt quite ready to go beige yet, and cucinelli is for the lord of the manor, it has a real old money feel to it comfortable, relaxed and elegant.

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