Friday, 5 March 2010

loro piana sneakers, I love em, why don't you?

Back on the topic of Loro Piana again - the Loro Piana Traners, They come in both leather and canvas and leather and suede, I really love these trainers, I'm not sure about everyonr else out there, obviously the title was a bit of a laugh.

I can see that some people might find the leather and canvas ones remind them a bit of spats, bt for me they are perfect, I feel like the only brand that comes close to them really is maybe hogan, I see alot of tu tone sneakers out there, including of course the Hermes quick trainer which really takes the biscuit for luxury trainers, however these to me seem like the most elegant solution, and display once again Loro Piana's talent for perfecting casual elegance.

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