Thursday, 25 March 2010

Top ten 25th anniversary products to celebrate my 25th post

Today I am writing my 25th post, I have therefore decided to write an entry listing 10 interesting items in no particular order, I guess the title is a little
misleading 'top ten' and all that, but then all these best of lists are so overwhelmingly subjective, I mean who actually says x is better than y? Not meaning to digress too much, on with the list/collection.

1. Leathermans 25th anniversary 'charge del ray' pocket tool

Nice way to start, and at $40,000 no slouch either, not really much can be said about this, it is what it is, solid gold side panels cause the high cost, looks nice, but I would be quite happy with a standard leatherman myself.

2. Omega 25th Anniversary Speedmaster 1969 - 1994 limited edition

A lovely version of the classic Speedmaster, with special packaging and a nice engraving on the side to mark it out as a little bit different, priced slightly higher than the standard model also, but still very reasonably priced, as Omega are quite well known for producing some of the most reasonably priced Luxury Wrist Watches made.

3. Calvin Kliens 25th anniversary 'steel' underwear, boxers and briefs.

Produced by Calvin Klein to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they have a wider waistband with the logo stiched into it, they also produce an even more interesting range one of which is pictured here in country flag colours, England is pictured, and was my choice (naturally), they are priced the same as the standard Boxers and briefs and the flag editions are a few GPB more.

4. Nike air jordan 2 retro 25th anniversary mens trainers in silver

Revamped for Nike's 25th Anniversary 'in the making' this special edition is the exact trainer that Michael Jordan wore when he performed all his wonderful slam dunk things, sorry don't know anything about basketball at all, but these are ok for a sort of retro look, priced at £200 in a standard white or black, and in this limited silver version with the case they are £250

5. Audemars Piguet - 25831ST Royal Oak, Automatic Tourbillon, 1972-1997

Taking things up a notch in the quality stakes this model was produced by Audemars Piguet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their famous Royal Oak model, which redifined what a luxury watch came to mean, At 40mm the case was quite generous for the late 90s, as the modern trend for large watches had not quite started by then, priced at £150,000 for the standard model which comes with a copper dial I wanted to display a even MORE special version here, this one with a blue face as produced specially by audemars as a custom unit.

6. Global 7 piece 25th Anniversary knife block set
A rather more modern and up to date item, this is produced by Global of Yoshikin Japan, Global knives are made by YOSHIKIN, Japan from the finest CREMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58 degrees, which remains razor sharp longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. and this set presents their essential range with an attractive knife block that has 25th emblazoned across the front (just in case you forget), and is priced at £450

7. Lomo Lc-a 25th Anniversary camera

Ever since the austrian company Lomo started producing their funny little cameras, blurry fisheye images have been being produced endlessly with their motto "don't think just shoot", for thier 25th anniversary they have produced this special edition which has a logo on it, and a wooden box that you can leave around to remind you you paid too much for something that is genuinely very cheap. priced at £180 some three times the cost of the standard lomo lc-a

8. Alessi Michael Graves Limited Edition Bird kettle

Designed by Michael Graves and produced by Alessi since 1985 this version has been produced this year in 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this product, which has been amazingly succesful since its insception, the bird kettle is considered one of Alessi's true iconic design Pieces, and from a company that has produced the juicy salif, the pipe kettle, the bunny toothpick holder and many more items that are regularly held up as landmarks, that is saying something. Very slightly more expensive than the standard kettle at about £90 for a hob kettle and £150 for the electric version, I got the electric version myself and am quite happy with it.

9. Suntory Yamazaki 1984 Limited edition Bottling

I wont even bother to mention Bill Murray or Suntory Time (damn!), however this item is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, the distillery itself however was producing whiskies since 1899, but they did not officially start producing whisky until 25 years ago, produced in a limited run of 300 bottles and priced at $600 a bottle. I'm not a big fan of Suntory whisky, however thay do make quite ok stuff in general, but they are overpriced in England due to the obvious fact of Import Taxes from the land of the Rising Sun, not bad as I say but not worth the prices they ask over here.
10. Lamborghini Contach 25th Anniversary edition

Thought I would End on a high note, obviously this is a bit of a silly thing to include here, being neither produced anymore, and long, long out of date, but The Countach will always occupy a special place in my heart, its outrageous design blew away the elegance of the ferraris, the extremes of it's design made it the wet dream of every 80s boy all over the world, who wanted to ride around in something designed to look like a sleek womans body following pinninfarinas model, when you could have something that was essentially an automotive punch in the gut. Anyway, purely for the purposes of consistency, Lamborghini celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Countach in 1990 and produced this to commemorate the event, it was also one of the last classic lp400 Lamborghini's to be produced, differing from the standard model in over 500 design details, the most significant being the outrageous cessna sized wing on the rear, when first produced these cars were $100,000 quite significant in those days, and presently a used one can be obtained for $145,000, therefore the price has on first appearance held its own, but if you factor in inflation, that is considerably lower than its original value, with $100,000 from 1990 being worth over $250,000 in todays economy.

Well that wraps up my selection of 10 25th anniversary items, I hope that someone reads and enjoys this post, it was fun writing it, but surprisingly hard, I may do this every 25 posts, I imagine it will get easier as time moves on, as there are much more interesting product selections at higher anniversary points.

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