Thursday, 6 May 2010

50 posts? 10 excellent 50th anniversary items.

Well it seems I have successfully reached 50 posts on my little blog, perhaps considering the likes of engadget and luxist, which regularly have 100 plus posts a day, this is not an overwhelming amount, but for little me working on my own, I feel rather proud and happy with myself.

I'm not sure if there are any people reading my musings, but frankly I'm not sure I care at the moment, I am just happy to have a creative outlet in which to put down random thoughts about thins I like.

A couple of things I would VERY much like to improve thus far, would be the layout, the google blogger, although I will be forever grateful for the creative platform it provides, is somewhat limiting, also I would like to get some of my own images, I,m sure its only a matter of time before the true owners of the images I use come knock-knock-knocking and asking for them to come down.

Aside from that, and following on from an idea I had when I wrote 25 posts, I present 10 (actually 11, but who's counting) luxury items/things that are 50th anniversary themed, enjoy.

Glenfidich 50 year old - Not really a actual 50th anniversary item, rather an item that is 50 years old, as the glenfiddich spiel said - "Unveiled by Peter Grant Gordon at The Glenfiddich Distillery in July 2009, Glenfiddich 50 Year Old is not just a part of our history; it is our history. The first vatting was created from just nine casks, laid down between 1937 and 1939, one for each of our founder, William Grant’s children, who helped their father build The Glenfiddich Distillery by hand in 1886. This is only the second ever vatting of Glenfiddich 50 year old".  priced at £10,000/$16,000 and available in very limited quantities.

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Melting Ice collection bucket - Designed by Dutch Artist Maarten Baas, they were made to commemorate the 2009 50th anniversary of the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, only 50 of these have been produced and they are priced at $8800

The 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's - A slightly more abstract one here, rather than an actual clear product it is a fact (although there is a special 50th anniversary edition produced by vintage books and priced at £9.99).  Breakfast at tiffany's the book about a prostitute who essentially failed to get the big score, was turned into a movie about a prostitute who gets a fairytale ending.  The film is a fantastic example of true elegance, with Audrey Hepburn making  the Little Black Dress an item of clothing which can be used for all times of the day or night.

Chanel 50th Anniversary flap re-issue - One for the girls here, to commemorate the anniversary of Chanel flap over bag, they have re-issued it with a square gunmetal clasp, and a slightly more geometric shape overall, priced at $3000/£2300, and available in limited quantities, I learned it is also available in white.

Ferrari F50 - A bit out of date, but still more than relevant, produced in 1995 by ferrari to commemorate the company's 50th anniversary, not really much I can say about this that has not been said better by true experts.  Do like the quote I found about this cars production run i found - "Only 349 cars were made, one fewer than Ferrari estimated they could sell. This was, in the words of Ferrari spokesman Antonio Ghini, because "Ferraris are something cultural, a monument. They must be hard to find, so we will produce one less car than the market." Out of production now, and was priced at $550,000

Bentley Arnage Final Series - produced in 2008 in a limited run of only 150 models, it has been made to celebrate both the end of the 10 year run of the Bentley Arnage Model, and the 50th Anniversary of the V8 engine Bentley is so famous for.  as Bentley say - "Arnage Final Series signals the end of an era as Bentley prepares for the future." - Priced at $250,000

Brietling Navitimer 50th Anniversary edition - produced in 2002 to celebrate the 1952 creation of the Brietling Navitimer, which is apparently the longest running production model Chronograph.  The re-issue model is a big improvement over the original being produced with a self winding movement, versus the manual of the original, additionally rather than being merely a limited run of the model, this represents the evolution of the famous Navitimer, and therefore all Navitimer's would go on to be produced with self winding movements after this release.  They did produce a 18k white or yellow gold version in limited quantities however, for anyone wanting something a little more exclusive.  The standard version is currently available with the new 50th anniversary movement and is priced at £4700, and the white or yellow Gold version cost at point of release £12,950, but is no longer in production.

Omega Speedmaster Professional 50th anniversary model - In 1957 Omega produced the Omega professional speedmaster, in 1969 it was the first watch to go into space, and the first (and only) watch to go to the Moon, with a 45 hour power reserve, and unparaled accuraccy, this amazing timepiece successfully saved the astronauts of apollo 13, using it chronograph feature, they timed to the split second the vital re entry rocket firing sequence.  And in 2007 this Watch was honored by having a special limited edition model produced to commemorate 50 years of continuous service.  Throughout the years this model has been produced in many variations, reduced, auto, gmt, and various others, this re-issue takes the classic back to its roots, with the original movement updated only in as much as it has added the excellent co-axial movement.  Produced in a limited run of 1957 steel models and 57 gold, it is presented in a stunning gift box and is priced at £7,950 in steel and £15,500 in gold.

Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary edition - The last wristwatch I would like to present is the limited edition Submariner Rolex, created to commemorate the 2003 50th anniversary of the Submariner.  I really love Rolex, I mean when I say love I am speaking with respect to the fact that they produce watches that are effectively really really sturdy Rotary or Timex watches, and through the clever application of marketing manage to sell them for thousands of £/$.  Anyway, I do own and do enjoy Rolex watches, so I am not hating on them, merely an observation, I see no point in delving into details here as it would take too long, but, suffice to say, Rolex produced the Submariner in 1953, it was, and is very successful, and in 2003 they produced this special limited edition model.  Want to know what makes it so special?  A green bezel and slightly larger hour markers on said bezel (which is removable).  Priced at $6400, 20% higher than the standard black bezel.

Magnum 50th Anniversary Publication - Magnum Photos is an international photographers co-op, which produce high quality photos, founded in 1947 by the enimitable Henri Cartier-Bresson, they are responsible for some of the most famous Photographs ever produced.  This book was created in 1997 to celebrate their 50th anniversary, containing work from 55 of Magnums members including Cartier-Bresson.  priced at $89.95

Taschen Playmate book : 50 years of Playboy -  Obviously I realize this is 11 items rather than 10, however I just found this so charming I decided to add it anyway. Produced in 2005 In celebration of Playboy magazine's 50th anniversary, comes this book featuring each and every Playmate of the Month since issue number one. It takes a chronological look at the history of Playboy centerfolds, and includes photographs of the Playmates as well as the personal information about their lives. priced quite reasonably at only £24.99

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