Thursday, 19 June 2014

Design Your Own Bag Fendi myBAGUETTE App.

Many brands now offer customisation options to consumers, in order that they can personalise their luxury goods, and feel just that little bit "special" when they use them.  Tumi offers colour touches on luggage.  Bottega Veneta gives the chance to add initials and colour stripes.  Louis Vuitton allows hand painted designs.  These are to name but a few.  To some extent this is not a new thing, Goyard for example have offered customisation since inception.  allowing the great and the good to know which bag was theirs amongst the sea of luxury luggage on the carousel at transport hubs.

However, Fendi is taking this customisation into the next century with their myBAGUETTE app.  This app for iPad users allows them to start with a blank canvas Fendi, and with the tools the app provides, design their own bag.  Users can be as creative, or as restrained, as they want.  Then, when finished they can buy their creation, and show the world their creative side.

The app is free, and offers designs by artists, such as Nina Pandolfo, with prices for pre made pieces starting from £850, depending on exclusivity.  the own made designs do not really have a starting price, as they cost as much as you want them to depending on your design.

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