Monday, 9 March 2015

HTC Under Armour HTC Grip Fitness Band.

Originally announced at CES the Under Armour HTC collaboration Grip fitness band has been tested, and given a price and release date.  Quite why the high-end fitness brand Under Armour and HTC would choose this late stage in the game of wearable tech to release a new fitness tracker is beyond us.  

This is an unusual time in the wearable tech market, Nike have discontinued their fuel band, and Apple is about to release the iWatch which is pretty much set to be a game changer for all wearables.  In this market, it seems that only the Apple watch, and perhaps budget options like the fitbit flex, or more design led options like the Jawbone products will be left to survive.

Whatever the case, the the Grip will feature inbuilt GPS tracking, the ability to track cycling, running, walking, stair climbing, and even can measure incline, all of which can be displayed on the OLED display.  This then supposedly is the way they intend to compete with the new Apple iWatch.  Considering the £150 price point, which puts it into the territory of luxury wearable tech, it is likely to have an uphill struggle ahead of it.

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