Friday, 15 April 2011

Graff creates baby graff for the girls in a variety of precious metals and stones.

Graff have been producing watches for around 3 years now, they came in strong with some serious horological complications, and they have continued to release hugely expensive and complicated timepieces since then such as the master Graff.

The baby Graff represents a far more carefree and feminine selection than the main collections, originally  released in diamond Pave only for 2011 they have a new choice of colours and options, shagreen straps, crocodile straps, combination diamond and emerald, sapphire or ruby and of course the original diamond pave.

The strap versions represent about as close as Graff are ever going to get to a 'budget' watch, although the pave diamond types are priced at £100,000 and the pricing information has not been released on the leather strap version, they will be pretty far away from the £1 million pounds for the master Graff tourbillon diamond edition.

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