Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Supreme September 12 2019 Drop Novelties.

Supreme's 2019 next winter drop is out in their London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Brooklyn and Tokyo stores, and are you as excited as us to see the new clothing range?  No we thought not. 

Realistically, outside of unusual collab's, one box logo on a t-shirt is pretty much the same as another.  What we wait for, what we crave, is the opportunity to eye-roll at the next novelty items that Supreme stuck their logo on, hiked the price up on, and sold, only to have these things snapped up, and re-sold at 10x the price.  We live for that little moment of texting our peeps saying "omg Supreme are selling a Brick and it sold out!"
So here are Supreme's novelties which it laughably calls "accessories" for 2019's winter drop.

NITECORE Tini Keychain light - Standard Retail £18 - Supreme branded £42 (est)

Post It flags - Standard Retail - £0.99 - Supreme Branded  £6

Butterfly Table Tennis Racket and Balls - Standard Retail £98 - Supreme Branded - £168

Thursday, 22 August 2019

VETEMENTS Teddy Bear Backpack.

People keep asking the question of young enfant terrible designers like Denma Gvasalia with his VETEMENTS collective "are we being trolled?"  Honestly, the question should be "How badly are we being trolled?"  If pieces like this Teddy Bear Backpack don't demonstrate that these guys are literally laughing their collective (pun intended) asses off then nothing will.

This is actually only half the story, there is in fact a pair of Teddy Bear VETEMENTS slippers as well for £550, however, they are wearable.  Wearable in the sense they are no worse than market bought cheapo ugly chunky slippers you can get, so they are justifiable as a luxury version of the same.  This teddy Bear backpack on the other hand, well, it's different,

Measuring a bold 23.5" by 11" by 14", it's useable storage space as a backpack on the tiny zipped compartment will carry about what you can get in your jean pockets, or a large wallet.  And made from Cotton, wool and mohair blend, the faux-fur tan Teddy is the star of course, even though it's less well constructed than a bear you could get in a petrol garage for a tenner.

And the price of this item?  Which is sold out at both SSense and Net-A-Porter?  A mere £855.  like we said, "How badly are we being trolled?"

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Alyx AA-U-BB-0002-A-015 Claw Belt.

If you've ever thought Alyx's rollercoaster belt was too big to fit through belt buckles you kind of missed the point of it, it's supposed to be an accessory that completes a look.  We get the feeling that quite a few people have made this complaint, and Alyx have responded in two ways.  First they produced the smaller, 25mm rollercoaster, compact and sleek, it fits through almost all belt buckles, and is a great little urban tactical belt for all occasions.

The second way they responded is, they have produced the AA-U-BB-0002-A-015 Claw Belt, a piece so large, so monumentally huge, that there is pretty much no chance you might mistake this for anything other than an accessory.  You might think it's a rock climbing harness, which it's modelled after, but you certainly won't be trying to push it through your belt buckles.

Made from aluminum, with nylon, a webbing strap, and a padded panel back which has a concealed pocket, it costs £273, and is available now. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

OFF-WHITE Launches "HOME" Collections.

Virgil Abloh's powerhouse design collective has launched, somewhat predictably, a homewares range.  Why predictably?  Because the home decor market globally is with $741 billion, no-one would any sense would pass up the chance to have a slice of that pie if they have any sense.

However, having sense is not the same as having integrity.  We feel that frankly, this move is in rather poor taste, and is the final nail in the coffin of OFF-WHITE as a credible streetwear brand.  Many may say that in fact, Virbil Abloh, as sophisticated as he is, from an architecture and civil engineering background, came at fashion from a different angle, and was never really part of the streetwear culture, and was always appropriating it, as demonstrated by the high prices of the brand from the outset.  However the reality is that whether you appropriate something or not when you represent yourself as a thing you should make the effort to maintain consistency with the image you chose to present.  Abloh is Louis Vuitton's creative director now, and should use that for designing high-end homeware pieces, not OFF-WHITE, as doing so leaves the brand just "another" luxury brand to be consumed.

If you disagree, the minimalist homeware pieces will be spread across three ranges, "BED", "BATH" and "CERAMICS" at first, and will feature typography and symbols well-known from OFF-WHITE ranges.  Prices will be available from September 1st 2019, so just in time for the holiday season.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Luxury Re-Useable Straws Are The Next Must Have And Here's Dior's Version.

First things first, what are we looking at here?  On a micro level, a single product by a luxury goods brand.  In particular, hand-blown glass, hand-painted, gold-plated, individually boxed in sets-of-three, re-useable drinking straws by Dior, with stunning red graphic on the box, evocative of Spode blue tableware.

On a macro level, we are seeing the new trend in sustainability getting the luxury touch.  It's an interesting move, as re-usable drinking flasks are now the norm, and have not really been given luxury iterations, so this is perhaps the pre-cursor of a new move by the big luxury houses to produce luxury versions of re-usable products.

We hope not.  Realistically, this is a disingenuous move designed entirely for profit.  Who knows what went into to the manufacturing process, and without vertically integrated transparent manufacturing it could be more damaging long term for these luxury houses to produce, over packaged, over-priced versions of re-usable products than the damaging disposables they are designed to replace.

If you disagree and want these anyway, they are £120, and are available now.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Dover Street Market COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Jordan I Retro High.

Already released in Tokyo and re-selling for 1,000 Yen above the retail, Dover Street Market has made a surprise release today by allowing a limited quantity of the high-end CDG and Nike Jordan collab to be sold in stores and on-line.

No news how many are available, although size US8 is already sold out in white at time of writing, and no information about when the general global release is happening.

Move fast to cop these, £280 at DSM now whole stock lasts.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

CASE STUDYO "The Midas Touch"

Echoing the 2018 "Touch Of Mercury" Sculpture, Case Studyo and Hajime Sorayama are this time giving the middle finger, both figuratively and literally.   Text from the site gives this:

When Sorayama and Case Studyo collide, exquisite mastery is forged. With this edition the Japanese master revisits his 2018 collaboration  ‘A Touch Of Mercury’, using the most precious of metals to deliver a raw and powerful statement. ‘The Midas Touch’ not only explores the relationship between artist and audience, but also delves into the intimate and complicated relationship of creator and creation. The sculpture’s obscene gesture constitutes a small revolt and playfully touches on the fear of an inevitable clash between man and machine. Sorayama’s sexy robot seems to have turned against its creator and reminds us all that technology can be tantalizingly beautiful but also ruthlessly cold…
Such a cold finger
Beckoning you to enter its web of sin
But don’t go in…

The piece is 33cm. high, and is limited to 100 numbered editions, and comes in a custom made wood box with foil print, each edition is also signed by Hajime Sorayama himself.

Pricing is not available online, as Case Studyo must be contacted personally in order to purchase an edition, but people are bidding up to £3,500 for it in, and the 2018 Touch If Mercury has been auctioned off for as high as £8,500.