Monday 8 May 2023

World Officially Gone Mad, Dyson Release Zone Headphones For Bane Wanabees.


We suggested it was an April fools gag when first announced, then that they still can't be serious when announcing a release date, now we have to hang our heads in shame for the failure to scry the future accurately.  Because against all odds Dyson have produced their ludicrous, idiotic breathing mask headset, and it costs as much as the Mark Levinson 5909 Hi Definition headphones at $1,000.

The world really seems to have gone insane, from the idiots at Dyson's design headquarters who we can only assume got high on too many Matcha lattes and a hermetically sealed environment isolated from all forms of common sense, to the idiots that want to buy these, we are far more disappointed that these were made than anything.  

Oh and the really shocking thing?  They have already sold out in the blue and copper colour.  

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