Thursday, 17 December 2009

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Versus Johnnie walker Blue Label George V

I'm a big fan of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label Blend, its definitely one of the finest blended Scotch Whisky Available, and is always my choice for go to scotch at home, the subtle complexity of this outstanding beverage have been lauded time and time again.  it is not necessary for me to go into detail on tasting notes, nor indeed to delve into the thorny question of Single Malt vs Blended, but I would like to discuss the differences between the standard Blue Label Blend (priced at £195 $315 €220) and the higher level Blue Label George V (priced at £450 $730 €500).

The most obvious visual difference is in the presentation, although the Blue Label is no slouch in this department, coming in a beautiful silk lined box, and a subtle blue coloured glass for the bottle, the George V really is something else, named for the king who originally supplied Johnnie walker with the warrant to supply scotch Whisky to the royal household, it comes in a crystal decanter, and an elegant display box, like some other high end whiskies it can be left in the display box on the side as a real conversation piece, and is a pleasure to go to anytime you intend to imbibe.

But what is it that really makes the difference? A nice crystal decanter is all well and good, but unless its baccarat a 2.1 double up in price is hardly justified.

As with all these types of products, the contents is the real deal breaker, produced using exclusively vintage west coast malt whiskies, none of which are less than 30 years in age, producing a blend that is acknowledged as the absolute best in blended scotch.

I would like to put forward my personal opinion here, I feel, that there is not a great deal of difference between the standard Blue label, and the George V, although this may sound like blasphemy, I have to say, I have been a consumer of the Blue Label for several years now, and apart from a notable smokiness in the George V, I feel that I am getting more bang for my buck with the standard version.

So there you have it, the facts and my opinion, nevertheless, anyone investing in either, cannot fail to impress with his or her exquisite taste.

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