Monday, 15 March 2010

SuperDry Clothing, it's not particularly good quaity, nor particularly inexpensive, so why is it so ubiquitous?

I have noticed recently a growing and disturbing phenomenon, well not really disturbing, however it is certainly a phenomenon of sorts. The overabundance of Superdry clothing on Men aged from their late teens right up to their thirties.

This UK based brand which is no more than 8 years old (formed 2003) gained real noteriety after David Beckham was seen wearing the Brad leather jacket (seen above) and following a nationwide expansion now seems to be seen EVERYWHERE.

Now I know there are a tremendous amount of Males for whom dressing involves choosing which t-shirt to pair with which jeans and trainers, and for these people I assume a psuedo Japonese brand with lofty pretensions and none of the homo erotic connotations of Abercrombie is somewhat of a godsend, but seriously, come on people, have you no originality whatsoever?

What I personally find difficult to understand is, the demographic this is aimed at, ie people who don't really care how bad they look as long as their naked bodies are covered, would in my opinion perhaps be more inclined towards something a little reasonably priced, like c&a for example, as both the pricing and quality of superdry is not at all in keeping with the supposed target market, with the 'famous' brad jacket for example costing £174.99, not cheap considering it is complete crap, and I say this from first hand experience having visited their store and felt the 'quality' of their leathers.

However the ceaseless procession of this strange pseudo brand marches on, On the train the other day (which motivated me to write this post) I had one person sitting in front of me wearing a superdry jacket, superdry jeans and a superdry bag, one person sitting on my left wearing a superdry 'brad' jacket, and one person on my right with a superdry jacket and jeans??

Although my ramblings will make no difference to the people who buy these items, I would like to see Brands like this bought to task, Brands which falsely claim a connection to a perceptibly fashionable concept (Japan in this case), and that produce poor quality goods at high prices, and are then consumed by the general public at exponential rates.


  1. As someone that loves the brand and has a degree in clothing design - I have to say that the quality level is very high... if you take time to look at the garments carefully and see all the washing processes,finishing, branding and trim components on these garments, you will realize why they are at the price point they are.

    And in-line with say Hollister, Abercrombie or Jack Wills that have not got the level of detailing (great metal collar stays in the shirts etc.,) they are still more competitively priced!

    - But yes, I have to agree - wearing it head to toe is a little excessive. Any brand head to toe is just plain lazy in my view!!

  2. Who cares if lots of people wear the brand, it's good quality, fit well, and they have a nice range.

  3. yeah this guy has way too much time 2 waste!

  4. Superdry is a load of nonsense, it IS badly made, and Im afraid just because people have a degree in fashion, doesn't mean they know a jot about quality garments. It is aping on the back on Japanese brands and Designers, but in a way, that is good, I can now tell who the gimps are, because not only does it say Superdry on the front, it says it on the back too ! Yay, I wish I was into the same clothing as my ten year old nephew! I wonder if he has his degree in clothing yet?

  5. I bought a superdry t-shirt last week. Its a premium priced product costing £25. The quality of the garment is poor. Stitching is shoddy, fit is also poor and the size... I am a large, but had to buy an XXL and its still too small!

    I bought another t-shirt from Tesco for £3 just for sleeping in, and I have to say its far better quality!!!

  6. Clare - Good quality clothing? Bah!

    I have had a Superdry jacket for a few months now. I have seen thin napkins which keep out more water! Plus... All the stitching has come out under the right arm leaving a gaping hole. Judging by a google search, poor stitching is a common problem. Dismal quality considering the price.....

  7. I agree, there is a perceived pretentiousness in the label and couture that is incongruent with the quality of the stitching and/or the materials. This is an unfortunate case of paying too much money for 'cheap' clothing.
    I have absolutely no idea what all of the Japanese kanji is supposed to mean, when they use British designers?!

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  9. I absolutely LOVE the Superdry Vintage Thrift stuff. Unfortunately the quality is absolute rubbish! I have 2 tops which I have had for about a year now and both have developed holes in them and there are loose threads everywhere! I do try to look after my clothes, have washed them on a hand wash setting, dried flat etc etc but the material is so thin it's no wonder they don't last. At £40 each they weren't particularly cheap either! I won't be buying any more Superdry clothes unless the prices drop significantly or the quality improves. I have Primark clothes which have lasted way longer...

  10. I bought my first superdry stuff today, 3 t-shirts (XXL when I'm usually a large) and a laptop bag. They look pretty good quality to me but I'm still yet to ware them. I too love their Vintage looking tshirts, I usually get my clothes from Butons but I don't mind going else where. I'm getting tired of boring clothes and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

    I'm up for any suggestions on other shops that are worth looking at for funky (not cheesey) t-shirts etc. Currently my collection of t-shirts consist of gaming related icons and a few Lonsdale's t-shirts, I really need more.

  11. It IS very bad quality, or at least very varied quality according to some people who think the quality is good... That is why I looked up the quality of Superdry on google and found your blog. Prior to receiving the clothing I ordered on their website I used to think that they have super high quality based on the photos shown, however the academic gillet I bought for example is more than 150 euros and the poor quality is kind of shocking and comparable to c&a goods i'd say... with the filling coming out already without any wear, and the details are really bad cared for... altho the design is good and unchanging, there is def a problem with their fabrication process. I don't think they do a good job inspecting or paying enough their workers in India, Turkey or Vietnam..

  12. On the site at the pictures it all looks great! Once received however the quality is disappointing. The sizes are weird and also the prints are cracked before even worn. Bad price/quality ration I would say overall.

  13. Totally weird sizing, the wind cheater does not cheat even a breeze and their waterproof jackets leak like teabags!

    A Superdry XL is like a Vans M, but with arms that would leave an chimp rolling them up they are that long!

    And although it is not just a Superdry thing, why is it right now that "straight leg" jeans really means skinny and are 4-5" longer than any normal regular leg?

    Jackets are crap and poorly made, always holes inside pockets within days. Button holes too small on button up jeans. But I have to say, the hoody's are beautifully soft and snuggly, just too tight in the body with those ridiculously long arms!

    Superdry would be an OK brand if they were at least 40% cheaper as the quality does not fit the cost!

  14. Charles Stockfield30 August 2012 at 20:31

    Dudes, it's fashion. Don't take it serious - either you like it or not. But discussing as if it was politics, philosophy or whatever is nothing but pathetic.

  15. i bought a regular hoodie from superdry and i wore it to school. about 6 people talked and asked me it.(all were positive) i AGREE that it is quit expensive but i bought it on blackfriday, so thats my reason lol. i dont think i would buy them at full priced. although i believe that their style is pretty nice

  16. If you dont like it dont wear it, you just come across as really snobby, I honestly could not give a toss what other people wear and it does not effect me at all.

  17. Bought a pair of Superdry shorts, within one hour of wearing the stitching all along the crotch had come apart, so I took them back and swapped them, assuming it was a faulty pair. No surprises, the stitching came apart exactly the same 2 days later. If that's not poor quality I'm not sure what is. First and last time I ever wear this mass produced advertising campaign of a brand. Shite,

  18. yes it's cheap shit. Designed in Swindon, made in China and not sold in Japan. Springs from a shop that used to be Cult Clothing in Cheltenham: they used to stock all the cool hard to get surfing and skate labels. Superdry was their own brand label. shame used to be a good shop

  19. If only they were made in China, they'd be made far better. Rubbish cargo trousers- two pairs gone on me. At around 80£ that's not good.

  20. Letter to Superdry

    Sent: 23 November 2014 16:19
    Subject: Bridge Coat
    Dear Sir
    Yesterday, my wife and I bought a Bridge Coat at your store in XXX London. The coat was tried in the store and the fit was perfect. The rear coat vent had a tack stitch holding the vent in place. When we arrived home, the single tack stitch was cut, as is recommended practice when buying coats, suits etc., and following this, the vent at the back of the coat gaped in a very ugly way. I drove 1 ½ hours back to your store today with the coat, complete with price label etc attached and with the receipt. I politely explained to your In-Store Deputy Manager the problem and that the garment construction was faulty, clearly evident from the way the vent gaped. Mr X would not accept that the garment was faulty and further stated that the tack stitch is not designed to be cut and added that the fact that the garment vent gaped horribly was perfectly acceptable and “normal”. I will point out that the tack stitch is a single stitch and “loose”. At the time there were several people in the queue at the checkout and the fact that the stitch was a tack stitch and designed to be cut was confirmed by other customers. Mr X stated that he would provide a credit note but would not refund the cost to my debit card. Naturally I was incensed at the refusal to consider that this coat was anything but perfectly acceptable and I explained to Mr X that I have a legal right to demand a refund. Mr X then added that if I continued to insult him he would not even give me a credit note. At no time did I insult, swear or be abusive to Mr X, I merely stated that I have the legal right under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 to request a refund.
    As the coat was of no use in this condition, I eventually had to accept the issue of a credit note for the value of £124.99. I arrived back home 1 1/2 hours later and telephoned your Customer Services department to express my dissatisfaction at the treatment I had received and also the fact that your store refused to provide a refund. I spoke to a Ms XXXX who was very polite and she advised me that she would investigate the matter and call me back. Ms XXXX dutifully made a return call and advised me that she had investigated the matter and that she would not be able to provide a refund on the grounds that the coat was perfectly acceptable and indeed it was being returned to stock. Ms XXXX further added that the tack stitch was in fact open to the customer whether it is cut or not. A tack stich is designed for keeping the garment in shape whilst being displayed but once sold this stitch/stitches (as in the case of suits) are designed to be cut so that the specific garment can be used as designed. (I refer to such loose stitches inserted into pockets and vents in all quality tailored garments). Whilst I accept that over time openings (pockets etc.) might become more slack through use, this should not occur in a vent in a new garment that has not been worn and the garment shape should be maintained. The coat as displayed in the store and on the Superdry website is only as per the example providing the tack stitch is not cut, this fact is neither displayed in store or on the website and therefore is completely misleading. Additionally I do not believe that as Superdry sold goods that were not as described or displayed, I should not be held to ransom to spend the £124.99 in the Superdry Store, this restricts my ability to source an alternative and is unjust.

    Ms XXXXX stated that Superdry would NOT provide a refund to my Debit Card.

    I therefore am requesting that you review this and consider that you provide a refund of the sum paid in accordance with my statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979

    Please respond within 7 days.


  21. Superdry Response

    From: Complaints []
    Sent: 25 November 2014 12:54
    Subject: RE: Bridge Coat
    Dear Mr D,
    Thank you for taking the time to email us and our founder, Julian about the issue you received in our London Store. Your email has been escalated for my attention.

    I’d like to apologise that you feel that you have been given poor service by our London store and upon receiving your email I have stated a full investigation into both your telephone conversations with our customer services department and Mr X in our London store.

    Having discussed your complaint with Mr X and from reading your email below, I understand that the issue you have is with the fit of the coat after the tailor stitch has been removed. Although I can appreciate that the removal of this tack can alter the look of the garment our items are tacked in such a way that the stitch can be left in place if the customer prefers the look of the item with the stitch in place. Although I appreciate your comments regarding stitches in pockets which are designed to be removed once the coat has been purchased, but it is not unusual for a stitch to be left in the rear pleat of the jacket at the customers discretion.

    Our company policy is to only offer refunds on items which are considered to have a manufacturing fault. I apologise that you were unhappy that T did not consider your jacket to have a manufacturing fault but having seen pictures of your jacket myself, I also agree with his conclusion. Had your jacket been affected by a manufacturing fault, I assure you that any Superdry store would have been happy to refund you if the jacket was to be returned with a valid form of proof of purchase. To clarify, unsuitable items returned to us with a valid proof of purchase only qualify for an exchange or credit note. Our returns policy is in line with all Trading Standards laws and is in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

    Mr X did advise me that he offered to exchange your jacket for one with the stitch intact but I understand that you were not happy to accept this offer and that you have accepted a credit note to the value of £124.99. As I am satisfied that your item was not affected by a manufacturing fault we will not be able to offer you a refund for this credit voucher. Although I can appreciate that this is not the resolution you were looking for, Superdry are unable to fulfil your request for a full refund as it is outside of our advertised store returns policy.

    I understand that you have consulted the Citizens Advice Bureau regarding your complaint, should they require any further information from Superdry or the London Store please do not hesitate to contact us but we are unable to reconsider your request for a refund at this time.

    Kind regards,

    pp Superdry

  22. Response

    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your e-mail. Regarding your comments I would like to make the following points:-
    1. You state “it is not unusual for a stitch to be left in the rear pleat of the jacket at the customers discretion”. The following are references to tacks in garments:-
    • X-shaped tacking stitches are also very common on vents (slits) on the back of men's suit jackets, or at the bottom of kick pleats on a woman's skirt. They are meant to hold the flaps in place during shipping and when on display in the store. They should be removed before being worn; however many buyers do not realize it.
    • These are the situations you are most likely to come across removable stitches:
    • A large “X” stitch at a back vent of a tailored jacket or skirt.
    • A line of crossed stitches in the opening of a pocket.
    • A line of large stitching across the shoulder seam of a jacket.
    In all 3 of these situations the stitches are meant to be removed by the new owner. They are primarily in place to keep the garment in shape, and they can also be an aid when the garment is being pressed. As soon as you remove the tacks from a pocket and people start putting their hands in and out of them you are invariably going to begin to stretch the fabric. With back vents, the vent will also hang nicer for the new owner if it has been kept closed while anyone else tried the jacket on.
    These stitches also have another purpose - they serve as a gentle reminder that you are receiving a piece that has been carefully tailored by someone for you. It’s that last little step of the process that you can do yourself that makes it ready for you to wear.
    So if you see any large loose stitching which does not seem to be structurally important to the garment then you should take it out. Especially if it is in a contrast colour. They should normally be large enough to snip with a normal pair of scissors and most of the thread should pull out easily.
    • Tack - A temporary stitch to hold pieces together.
    2. Your understanding that “the issue you have is with the fit of the coat after the tailor stitch has been removed” is incorrect. The issue I have, is that with the tack stitch removed the shape of the garment changes to such an extent that it is unattractive and very different from the shape as advertised and as displayed in the store. The following pictures provide an illustration of the point that I am trying to make.
    As you can see from the above illustration, the garment is totally unattractive and very different to the “as displayed” and “as advertised” condition. My point is that with the tack stitch removed I believe the garment should mostly hold its shape when new. In this case the tack stitch, in my opinion, was used to “force” the garment into an acceptable shape whilst on display which, in my opinion, indicated that the construction of the garment was faulty as it was impossible for the shape to be maintained once the removable tack was removed. This fact only becoming apparent once the garment is taken home.

  23. 3. If the garment tack stitch is designed, as you say, to be permanently left in place if a customer decides to do this, how can a single loose tack stitch considered to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of use for the lifetime of the garment?
    4. I question the morals of the Superdry “no refund” policy which, from this experience, is aggressively defended to the extent where I was wrongly accused of insulting your store deputy manager and further advised that if I continued to illustrate the point I was trying to make of the garments faulty construction, that the Manager would refuse even to give me a credit note. The coat was unsuitable for the purpose for which it was purchased and therefore I do not believe it is morally correct for Superdry to hold me to ransom to spend the £124.99 in a Superdry store on other goods that I do not require.
    5. One of the Superdry Staff actually agreed with me on the point that the Refund Policy is questionable by stating that he agreed with me but stated that this was the Company Rules. I am not blaming your staff for following Corporate Instructions, it is the Corporate Policy that I believe does not belong in today’s high street. It is a pity that Superdry cannot adopt the same policy that is used by the majority of high street and designer stores.
    6. Please explain why the Superdry Policy in-store is different to the Superdry Policy for Internet Purchases where it states that items can be returned for refund even where there is no apparent fault in the item purchased.
    7. You are correct that I have contacted Citizens Advice as I feel very strongly that the I have suffered an injustice and moreover that I hope they act to prevent the same perceived injustice being suffered by others who may be less fortunate than I.

  24. I agree that the price is a bit high (the UK price is comparably cheap compared to Sweden). I still love the look of the boards short. I found one pair on sale and one used pair on ebay. Two pairs for the price of one pair in Sweden.
    Both delivered to my sister in UK which she'll bring when she comes over for Easter. I guess that not shipping outside UK when on sale is for not upsetting the dealers in Sweden.

  25. I've got 3 Superdry tee's, 2 XL and 1 XXL. All fit the same. ( I'm normally L/XL depending on maker/style)
    Went into Superdry store at Merry Hill Saturday, tried on a tee shirt, took an XL & XXL into changing room. I couldn't get the XL over my head. I could get the XXL on, but it looked like it'd been sprayed on......
    Went and bought a shirt from Burton's instead - L and fits fine........

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  27. Just bought a Superdry Jacket on a recent trip to london (I'm from Ireland) and no more than two weeks later there is loads of threads coming out under both arms. The Quality of fabric used in the jacket is good and it looks great, the stitching is dismal!!

  28. recently bought the everest jacket, week later and buttons are falling off, took it back to shop for a replacement, (staff were great, must say) same again but different buttons, repeated the process of replacement for the exact same thing to happen again, this time 2 days after its changed and i hadnt even wore the coat yet. seems to be as soon as you look at it, its falling apart. love the look of the coat but really poor stitching just makes me want my money back and go for a better jacket!!

  29. Living in Japan, this brand is a joke as the japanese and chinese characters used make no sense. The website is blocked in japan and/or mobile devices,t oo. THe quality is bad, as the zip on my man-bag broke after less than a year of use (yet my cheaper Gola bags that are far older still work fine).

    I suspect that this band will soon die, thank God.

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  32. What i have noticed when it comes to the prints on the Superdry clothing. Especially their t-shirts.The quality is shit.After only 2 washes the print starts to crack.The prints dont stay and cant handle washes disappointing to say the least. I even bought a pair of sweatpants with big letters print.They are fucked. I have had way cheaper sweatpants with big letters print.For a many years and the print is still perfect to this day.And it has been washed many times....

  33. Oh! I really like their jackets but find it very expensive. I am going to save money so that I can buy the black one for my fiancé. He really likes to wear jackets. Also, I can buy some Alo leggings for myself once I have saved enough money.

  34. Their 'long' beach shorts, saying Superdry vertically down one side are allergic to saltwater. Stiching on Velcro fly dissolved!

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