Thursday, 22 April 2010

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 20cl Bottle.

Just recieved a delivery of some 20cl Bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about the comparison between standard Blue label and George V blue label, in conclusion I stated that I felt the standard Blue label was preferrable in my opinion.

Additionally I often purchase small 200ml bottles of Standard Blue Label to use for various different reasons, for example, a small bottle can be used as a bottle for travelling, so one can have a quick nip of something decent on the move, another option would be to leave one in the office, (one would have to actually own said offices to drink it there though), and finally as a gift, both corporate and personal.

I find the Small bottles absolutely THE thing for this last option, the attractive packaging, combined with the fact that Johnnie Walker additionally supply the same blue coloured glass and labelling they use for the larger bottles, and even put a little cork in the top, and last but by no means least they wrap it very nicely in cellophane

Combined, all These little details make it the absolute perfect little gift, travel bottle, quick nip for pretty much any occasion, I myself regularly buy 3 bottles at a time, and considering the fact that they a valued at £60 a bottle, and can be bought as cheaply as £39.99 from some online stores, they represent excellent value also.


  1. Gr8 post I wuld luv 2 try 1 of these sum day.

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