Thursday, 8 April 2010

Loro piana Sail and Walk shoes renamed as Summer Walk, still fantastic.

Loro Piana are very good at making casual elegant clothing, and their footwear is no exception, I wrote a recent article about their trainers and how outstanding they are. They also are very good at making suede moccasins such as the ones pictured above.

The model I am writing about specifically is they Sail and Walk, which has recently been renamed the summer walk, dont know why they have gone for this change, but apart from the name it is the same product.

Super high quality soft suede leather hand sewn onto a cream rubber sole slender, yet still soft in their construction, allowing for elegance and for comfort, and as a final finishing touch the initials LP are embossed on the rear of the right hand shoe.

Available in Stone, Cream, Navy and Tan colours and Retailing for £350 they are by no means inexpensive, but they are a perfect elegant relaxed summer shoe.

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  1. Actually the sail and walk and summer walk are two different shoes, the sail and walk had harder suede and the summer walk is extremely lightweight suede, the sail and walk is however discontinued, so after a fashion it is true that the sail and walk is now the summer walk, in the sense that there is no low cut LP loafer except for that anymore.