Monday, 5 April 2010

Tod's Shoes, did you know resoling is impossible? And I'm not talking about the Driving shoes.

Today I wanted to write about something which has frankly gotten me a little annoyed, and that thing is Tods. As a brand Tod's is well known and acknowlegded to be one of many psuedo brands, that is to say it presents itself as an established brand with 100+ years of heritage and experience, however it is truly no more than 30 years old. Sadly it has failed to pick up on one of the most vital attributes a psuedo brand requires in order to succeed in tricking people into believing the age and experience of the brand, good aftercare on their products.

All brands that are truly established and have the weight of history and experience behind them, the likes of goyard, hermes, vuitton, lobb etc, can with very few exceptions, take any damaged or worn vintage product and restore it to life within their workshops. I personally experienced this first hand with Asprey, having taken a suitcase some 80 years old to them with a broken handle, they restored it to usability and retained its elegant pattina, and crockett and jones repaired a 20 year old pair of shoes that belonged to my Grandfather to such a high standard they were good as new.

Tods however fail to even fulfill the simplest of task with the stock that they carry, the task of resoleing a pair of their shoes. Now as I state in the entry heading, I am obviously not talking about driving shoes, only a moron would expect them to be resoled, I am reffering rather to any shoes made by tods that actually feature soles.

Not only do they not offer a in house repair service it is for a brand attempting to present a established front, in this case even worse, they could for example simply say "no tods shoes are like flowers they bloom and die, they cannot be repaired". In fact what happens if you ask for a repair service is they refer you to a cobbler nearby a train station (I shall not say which) who will resole them with a generic blank sole, Seriously that is their solution.

I for one will not be buying any more tods shoes in the future.


  1. idk... tods shoes r ok, but u neva rilly know with designers brands tho.


  3. Good on you for publicising this. Tod's don't care about theor customers. Spread the word and don't buy Tod's again.

  4. "The entire sole of each shoe is intertwined with the body of the shoe, so replacing a sole would affect the shoe's structural integrity. Also because the soles are handcrafted and hand punched, no replacements are possible. "

    I wish I could have seen this blog post before i payed so much for my tod`s. there are so many italian shoemakers that actually care about their customers. tod`s absolutely does not. i was going to buy another pair of their driving mocs but that would be a huge mistake. never again will i pay for tod`s shoes. the landfills are full with cheap disposable shit when i bought my tod`s i thought i was buying something for life. this is not the case.