Friday, 18 June 2010

Bamford and sons sloane street store closed march - now they discontinue Menswear!

It seems that Bamford and Son's are feeling the economic pinch somewhat, after the closing of the Daylesford Cafe, followed by the March 2010 closure of the Entire Sloane Street store, it now seems that they are indicating further signs of being in difficulty.

Today the 13th of June 2010 the Notting HIll store is having a sale on their Menswear, this is not simply a sale it is THE sale, as in they are discontinuing their Menswear range.  That is correct, as of today Bamford and Sons who started as a menswear only brand, started selling accessories, and then went on to release a range of ladies wear are a Mens brand no longer.

It was a surprise when the Sloane Street store closed, it is frankly very important for any brand established or in Bamford's case attempting to be established, that they maintain a flagship presence, and one would have thought with the backing of the jcb family that would not have been difficult to achieve.  However whatever the case may be the store was closed, and now they are a ladies wear and watch brand only.

So there you have it, anyone reading this in time get yourself along to Bamford's Notting Hill store to take advantage of their Bargains, if you're reading this after 16/06/10, sorry, too late its gone already.

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