Thursday, 24 May 2012

Baccarat Launch Chateau Baccarat Collection.

The launch of a new collection of baccarat crystal is always an event to get excited about, the last new release of an actual home crystal collection was 4 years ago, and since then, the brand has released many unusual items, such as their charge up standalone crystal light sets, their chandelier selections, and even furniture collection, but actual stemware ranges have seen merely expansions rather than innovations.

The new Chateau Baccarat collection includes at present one Decanter, one wine glass, one champagne glass, and one tumbler, the purpose according to Baccarat is to "highlight the richness and the subtlety of wine"  the purpose of these glasses is specifically to enhance the experience of wine drinking, hence the concentration on a decanter for wine to breath, only two wine glasses to drink from, and the tumbler is designed not as a whisky tumbler, but rather as a tester glass, rather like the glasses sommeliers use when they wait on customers.

Prices are Baccarat standard, £180 per glass, and £320 for the Decanter, additonally to celebrate the event Baccarat commissioned a short film, filmed in the House of Baccarat in Paris, filmed by James Bort, in the style of a fairy tale, the video can be seen below.


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