Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bulgari Offialize the Save The Children Rings with the "Save The Children Collection"

Bulgari's philanthropic Save The Children collection has managed to become a popular mainstay of Bulgari, with a whopping £70 of every sale being donated to save the children, for the feel good factor, its easy to see why they would be such a popular choice.  The real secret to why this range has done so well, is its exceptionally low cost, each Silver ring costs only £350, and the Silver and Ceramic option costs just £390, certainly in terms of the material content, thats not a particularly inexpensive item, but from the perspective of purchasing a branded item of jewellery from a seriously high end marque, it's an absolute steal.

The selection of three is what this story is really about, what started as merely one ring and a concept back in 2009, has been now extended to a collection of three, two widths of solid Silver, and one type silver and ceramic, the type is the star of the collection, even featuring a pretty little save the children logo inside the ring.  

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