Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jeager Le Coultre Expands Their Reverso Personalisation Service WIth Custom Orders.

Jeager Le Coultre have offered the personalisation service for their reverso classic and Grande models for almost a year now, the service came as a great surprise to many people, as the idea of a high end luxury swiss watchmaker allowing people to buy a customised watch online like a pair of Nike shoes seemed almost to cheapen the brand a little, however, the service was offered, and was successful, especially since for simple engravings such as the ones offered there is no additional premium on the watch.

Now, presumably based on the success of the service, they have expanded it to include custom personalised engravings, whereas previously only words, letters, fonts, and characters were available, you may now send them an image, or coat of arms, or whatever you desire to see engraved on the back of your Jaeger Reverso, and have it there for all eternity.

Whereas the simple engravings are available at no premium however, the custom engraving service does carry a price tag, it is dependant entirely on the complexity of the request, but can range from a couple of hundred pounds, up to several hundred for the most complex and intricate engravings, such as the one in the promotional image below.

So there you have it, believe it or not unique hand engraved pieces of luxury beauty can now be ordered online and delivered to your door, who would have ever thought it possible 20 years ago.

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