Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Apple Macbook Pro 2012, No Wired Ethernet, No Dvd, The Future Starts Here.

Less than 24 Hours ago Apple launched the first New Macbook Pro for 5 years, and, just as many people expected, the macbook pro is going the way of the Macbook Air, Flash Memory, No DVD drive, No Wired Ethernet Connection, New Magsafe 2 Connector, Full Retina Display, 2.7 ghz processer base line, 8GB of Ram, up to 7 hours of battery life, HD facetime camera, USB 3.0 Connectors and did we mention,?  No DVD drive.

Honestly the lack of DVD drive is not great surprise, it's been expected since the launch of the Air back in 2009, Apple and the late Mr Jobs have a tendency to declare technologies as "dead" long before they become so, and the CD and DVD drive was one of these, however, the absence of a wired ethernet connection comes as somewhat of a bolt from the blue, with Apple once again informing us that another technology is dead, this time the much used wired ethernet connection. One other rather surprising choice is the complete lack of 17" Macbook pro from the line up, it has quite literally disappeared, no info on this choice from Cupertino.

Aside from the lack of physical wired technologies, this new slim light Macbook is missing absolutely nothing, with virtually every current technology available present inside its sexy unibody.  The older Macbook Pro with Physical DVD and Wired Ethernet is still available, and has been souped up to be a genuine alternative, so consumers can now buy either Fully wireless lightweight Retina Display "Next Generation Macbook Pro" from £1799, or the older type from £1499.

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