Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bang & Olufsen Playmaker Wireless Bridge.

New from Bang & Olufsen comes a High End Wireless Bridge, this product comes sort of out of nowhere, as there has been no rumour or discussion that this product may be about to be released, however, that has been the trend as of the last few months from B&O, what with launching the entire new B&O Play brand, discontinuing large numbers of products, and releasing almost entirely wireless devices.

Bang & Olufsen may have gotten of the Wireless bandwagon a little late, but as is always the case with the high end danish brand, they have done it properly through and through, this device is designed as quite literally a plug and play wireless bridge, not in itself revoloutionary, but if you add the fact its fully airplay and DNLA compatible, and has an inbuilt DAC which promises to drive speakers as powerful as the 2500 watt Beolab 5's like a CD player, you have a serious piece of kit.

So thats it, plug it in, link to your network, plug in your speakers, and bang (and olufsen) you're away, can be controlled from your Mac, PC, Ipod, Phone, or any other smartphone, streaming in fully coded glorious sound, and costs £350 per unit.

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