Friday, 20 July 2012

Chanel's star haute joaillaire piece for 2012 the Constellation Du Lion.

Each year the Haute Joalliare season comes around and we await with baited breath the new creations from the grand houses, and each year one house produces a piece of particular beauty which stands out from the rest.

This year the honour falls to Chanel, who chose to commemorate the 80th year of their fine jewellery collections with 80 outstanding pieces, it was however their "Constellation Du Lion" which truly shone, designed to evoke the Leo, Chanel's star sign, and something she was a fan of through her life.

This sautoir displays a solid rock crystal shaped Lion, combined with a comet in diamonds, and a star dripping with further diamonds, for a total cost of £350,000, a stunning one of a kind piece.

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