Monday, 30 July 2012

Gucci Commemorate the 2012 Olympic games with the city collection.

This one slipped under the radar a little, and comes a little late frankly, as the games have already started, available exclusively in Europe, the collection comprises five pieces, a sneaker available in toddlers, kids, womens and mens sizes, a ipad 2 case, a shopper tote, a duffel bag, a wristwatch and a pair of sporting sunglasses.

Each piece uses the red and green of gucci, along with the trim of blue and luggage tags in yellow, and each piece has a design of london's skyline in white and black, thereby each piece features all the colours of the olympics, and the luggage tags have a limited edition 2012 Gucci logo.  The interesting thing about the collection, is that despite the clear link to both London and the 2012 games, Gucci avoid mentioning the Games, Olympics, or anything else, presumably they could not get the permission to create a collection, and so did it anyway without mentioning the sacrosanct words "olymics" Games" and "London 2012"

The skyline is applied creatively on each piece, boldly screen printed onto the canvas side of the ipad case, duffel and shoes, and on the inside arm of the sunglasses, prices are reasonable for gucci, the shopper coming in at £495, the sneakers at £535, duffel £715, ipad case £215, wristwatch £750 and glasses £200.  All pieces are available now.

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