Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Creed Relaunch The Gold Millesime Imperial 120ml Bottle In Limited Edition.

Creed have decided to re-launch the gold bottling of the Millesime Imperial fragrance in a limited edition series.  The re-issued 120ml gold bottle will be available exclusively either online from Creed directly, or from Selfridges.

The Millesime Imperial fragrance was designed and launched in 1994 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Creed Fragrances, and is a fresh yet musky scent which manages to enchant and surprise most who smell it.  Originally all the bottles came with the gold colour applied except for the 35ml size, however, customers complained about the gold flaking off and so the gold colouring was discontinued.  Presumably this release is either an improved application, or just a limited edition release to make a bit of extra money and so they didn't bother to improve the process.

One very interesting point, the fragrance is available online and at Selfridges as stated, however, it is £190 from Selfridges, and only £187 including free delivery from Creed's online store.  £3 may not be a huge disparity, but it certainly is worth noting it can be delivered to your hands for less than it would cost to collect it from a store.

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