Monday, 6 August 2012

Czech and Speake Leather Collection for 2012.

Pictured below is Czech and Speake's new leather collection, the high end bathroom interior manufacturer has for some 30 years been producing what has come to be considered the pinnacle of bathroom design bits and bobs, with the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger just one of their many wealthy avid fans, a fragrance range in the mid 90's gave an new edge to an already established brand, followed by kitchen design ranges and furniture, and now, a leather goods collection expands their already successful empire.

The range at present is farely small, comprising just nine high quality elements, two manicure sets, three wash bags, a large and small mirror, and slim leather card wallets, the attention to detail is both remarkable and no less than would be expected from Czech & Speake, ultilising the highest quality european leather, embossed with anti scratch patterns and the Czech & Speake logo, and with the most charming little details, such as tap shaped zipper pulls on the washbags.

All pieces are excellent, and the prices reflect the quality, each wash bag is around £220, however the manicure set really stands out, coming in grey lined with cream leather, or black lined with red, the ultra high end blackened steel manicure pieces are set to last a lifetime, and at only £336 it is a relative bargain.

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