Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hermes Les Maisons Enchantees Earthenware Collection.

New from Hermes comes Les Maisons Enchantees a collection of fairy tale inspired Tableware designed by Franscois Houtin.  The 21 pieces include teapots, plates, cups, mugs, servers, sugar and milk pots, expresso cups, chargers and trays.

Available now from Hermes, it is priced slightly higher than their other collections, mainly due to the amount of effort that has gone into the execution, a set of two dessert plates for example costing some £235.

All in all this elegant and fanciful collection gives the user a genuine dining experience, while fulfilling the designers ambition of getting back to nature. It is reminiscent in some ways of classic spode porcelain, both  in concept and design

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