Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New from Smythson, True Exotic Luxury for the Modern man in the Wilde Collection.

Pictured below is Smythsons brand new "Wilde" collection, inspired by a Smythson catalogue from the 1920's which advertised exotic leather accessories hand made and gold stamped by Smythson, and named after Oscar Wilde, each piece comprises of Matt Crocodile leather and nubuck calf with soft lambskin in either Chocolate brown or Black.

Smythson have long produced Exotic Leather pieces, the Inspiration for this collection clearly demonstrates this capability, along with their Bespoke department, which normally ends up being the inspiration for many a mainline piece, and which can make any accessory your mind can conceive, they are no slouches on the luxury front.  However for too long they have gone the way of most British brands, and shyed away from pushing the luxury element in favour of high quality craftmanship and good value on account of the pieces lasting a lifetime.  There were always small displays of luxury exotic leather pieces in the Smythson stores, but they were always trad, and slightly dull, with the new Wilde collection they have brought their luxurious history bang up to date, and firmly in the limelight where it deserves to be.

Prices reflect the exceptional nature of the pieces and their materials, starting from £197 for the Keyring, and increasing to £4000 for the Shopper/tote.

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