Monday, 11 March 2013

Maybach Branded Leather Goods Collection For 2013.

The Maybach brand came to represent a certain type of super wealthy individual way back in 2002 when it was relaunched by the Daimler group, the brand became a favourite not just with the sort of ostentatious celebrities that typify excess, but with genuinely wealthy and understated individuals, with calm styling, and the classic vintage logo on the nose, seeing one of these meant that whatever the field, a serious player was in town.  However, the parent company Damlier announced, to everyones absolute shock, that as of December 2011 they would no longer be producing Maybach automobiles, in fact, expanding on this shock news, they also announced that they never made a profit on the vehicles since their launch in 2002. 

Now the Maybach brand is set to be relaunched, albeit in a much less dramatic fashion, rather than £250,000 automobiles, we will be seeing leather goods branded with, and produced by, Maybach.  This seems more of an attempt to cash in on the current trend of ultra high end automotive branded accessories we have been seeing lately, such as Aston Martins £26,000 solid gold cups, and Bentley by Lalique £3500 perfumes, but at least Maybach owners can now have matching luggage for their discontinued vehicles.

The collections which will be available from an online store, and at retail locations worlwide, will include a full range of Womens and Mens accessories, technology accessories, small accessories, and an expansion of their current eyewear collection.  Currently there is no retail location in the UK, but there will be one by the end of 2013.

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