Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Christies Live Continues Expanding, And Add's A Luxury Good's Auction.

Christies Live, Christies online only auction service, launched back in 2006, and for its first couple of years, looked pretty much like a failure, looking back at 2007, online auctions for that year represented just $25.1 million, a paltry 0.5% of the $4.6 billion sold in that year, however, last years results showed how far the online auction segment of the business has come, from sales of $6.2 billion, the online auction granted no less that $92 million of that figure, considering that Christie's sales have increased by 30% in the last five years despite lean economic times, the online segment has shown 170% , or 3.2 times the amount of its 2007 sales in increases.

Based presumably on this, and various other factors, Christie's have decide to devote a little more attention to this sector of their business, one which is primarily designed to bring in newer customers, the type who may be used to eBay and other online auction sites, but who have a considerable amount more disposable income.  But this is no eBay, there is no matter of bidding a week in advance and then repeatedly putting bids in at the last second, rather it is similar to a traditional auction, but held online, there is a specific time slot for each item, and a 15 minute bidding window, the highest bidder gets it.  This strictly regimented and regulated system is presumably what is bringing those eBayers, and other younger lovers of fine art in from the cold, the allure of the new, technology, with the comfort and certainty of the old.

And, continuing of the theme of expansion, Christies have added a new auction to Christie's Live, "Gentlemen's Luxury Accessories, barware, Sports, Travel and Leisure"  this online Auction. which is Live Now, and will end on August 1st, includes a mix of luxury and sporting goods from names which regular readers will recognise, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Asprey, Dunhill, Cartier, Bulgari and many others.

We have selected some of the choice pieces for your perusal, a Sterling silver set of Hermes coasters in a case, set to start from £3500, dating from 1930, a Hermes leather Gun case, circa 1950, starting from £6000, and a Louis Vuitton monogram golf bag, circa 1960, with an expected starting cost of £5000.

For these, and many other items, head over to asap.

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