Saturday, 20 July 2013

Seiko Star Wars Luxury Wrist Watch Collection.

Star Wars collaborations never seem to go out of fashion, Adidas is famous for its immensely popular range which ran from 2008 to 2012, Bape created a range of clothing and accessories which became collectible as soon as they were launched, the Nike Boba Fett shoe was an instant sell out, and Casio have produced no less than 10 Star Wars edition watches, al of which both sell out, and become collectible straight away.

It seems Star Wars strikes a chord with all of us, it somehow manages to appeal both to diehard fans, and simple enthusiasts.  Seiko's new Star Wars collaboration range comprises six limited edition wrist-watches, four analog, one digital and one chronograph.

Each model has a different character from Star Wars on the rear, and represents the character by design details, and visual effects, Green dial for Yoda, White for Stormtrooper, Gold for C-3P0, Black for Darth Vader, and Black and Red for Darth Maul.  The most unusual of the series is the blue digital R2D2 watch, which features a dot matrix display which can show an image of R2D2 on it.

Each of the models is strictly limited to a different degree, C3P0 to 500 pieces, R2D2 to 1000 pieces, Darth Vader to 1500 models, Darth Maul to 500 pieces, Yoda to 500 pieces and the Stormtrooper to 500 pieces.

Finally to the cost, these boys are not cheap, they seem to be aimed squarely at investors, or series Star Wars collectors, at £1300 each, even a Star Wars fan might have a hard time stomaching the cost.

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