Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vilebrequin Golden Turtle Collection.

Vilebrequin have decided to produce an ultra luxury collection of swim shorts, because, you know, conventional shorts are just too conventional, the new collection, called the "Golden Turtle" after the turtle logo of vilebrequin, contains two designs, the "ring of golden turtles" and "dancing golden turtles", both pairs of trunks utilise 24 carat gold thread, made from a special material known as Piana Clerico Gold Thread.

To finish off the trunks, the famous Vilebrequin toggle is made from solid 22 carat gold, lending yet another touch of luxury, turning these trunks into truly a truly luxurious piece for the beach.

Available in sizes S to XXXL, strictly limited to 40 pieces worldwide, and each pair cost £5000.

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  1. I've seen it in Rome, but I find it to be vulgar. However, they made one similar some years ago with silver and sky blue embroidered turtles, that gave an effect as if they were swimming. It was much better, IMHO.