Friday, 16 August 2013

Olympus PEN Art Edition With Susie 'Suzko' Lowe and Jay McLaughlin.

Olympus have announced a new limited edition luxury camera kit for their Olympus PEN E-P5 model camera, this kit includes a remarkable amount on extras, to some extent, the kit is almost a starter kit to get an amateur photographer going in the world of mobile photography.

The £16,000 kit includes One White E-P5 camera, one White E-P5 camera hand painted by urban artist Suzko, a reportage lens, premium portrait lens, snapshot lens, sports zoom lens, portrait lens, FL 600R flash, VF 4 viewfinder, 2 PEN street cases, neck strap and leather body jacket.  And thats just the actual camera equipment side of the package, additionally, a buyer will get a hand painted Vespa LX-50 scooter, and matching hand painted Vespa scooter helmet.

In addition to all the actual pysichal elements included with the package, there is also the inclusion of a photographic training session with Jay McLaughlin, who will give buyers training in the finer points of using the PEN E-P5.

And of course, as each kit is hand painted, each camera, Vespa and Vespa helmet represent unique collectible pieces of art along with the once in a lifetime experience of a training day with a world famous artist.  Available now exclusively from Harrods. 

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