Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gold & co. London 24k Gold iPhone 5s.

This post has an air of inevitability about it, after all, we all knew someone was going to take the new 5s iPhone and dip it in gold, the only question was, who, and when.  To our surprise, Amosu took a step back from this one, and the boys over at Gold & Co. London have ben first past the post, a mere two days after the iPhone 5s was released they had, genuine, non photoshopped images going out as press releases shoming off their new Platinum, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold iPhones.

All Platinum is 999 purity, and gold is rated as 24k, the final prodcut is set to be on sale in the next month, and prices have not yet been announced, but we expect them to be commensurate with its iPhone 5 release of this year, meaning expect to pay between £4600 and £6000 for the models at least.

For more information contact Gold & Co. London at www.goldandco.co.ukwww.goldandco.co.uk

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