Monday, 16 September 2013

Hermes Unisex Capri Belt Range In Silk.

New from Hermes comes a range of unisex belts which utilise only silk and Hermes scarf prints with buckle holes.

There are six different versions available, in sizes 80cm to 110cm, the H buckle is made from Silver and Palladium plate, and the scarf holes are made from the same material, in addition, there are two Hermes engraved buttons adjacent the buckle to secure the silk around the buckle.

There are three Hermes chain d'ancre in slate grey, Hassard blue, and Clay, there are also three "Summer" print versions, in green, beige and red.

Both versions cost £350 each, and give a new take on the traditional Hermes belt, and a welcome pinch of spice for any outfit, also, a bold change from the normal bold H Hermes belts we are all used to.

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