Monday, 14 October 2013

Hermes Petit h 2013 A/W Line up.

Hermès takes a stab at sustainable yet again. The luxury label’s sister line Petit h, that creates covet-ables from cast-offs got its hands on one of the company’s most iconic products, the silk carré. So after a £70,000 Panda bear, among other things made of discarded materials, the line has created papier de soie. And up with the label for this up-cycling venture is interior design duo Nicolas Daul and Julien Demanche who fashioned objects out of the silk paper.

The waste silk was first transformed to floss, which inspired the designers to seek an artisanal paper maker, to make it into tissue paper, what with it being 90 percent silk.  It was then processed naturally to preserve the fiber's, the silk paper was then preened, re-preened and reproduced as a console, folding screen and mirror. These products will be on display at Hermès’ Rue de Sèvres boutique in Paris from October 17 to December 2.

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