Sunday, 3 November 2013

Louis Vuitton City Bags A Natural History.

New from Louis Vuitton comes a Coffee table book designed to show off the history of the Louis Vuitton City Bag, it is designed to be not just a book, but a comprehensive taxonomy of the desirable of the city bags.

Similar to an encyclopedia, it unfolds a unique detailed history of the most coveted and sought after bags dating back to the turn of the twentieth century.


Covered is the Keepall, Bucket, Papillon, Alma, Lockit, Noe, Speedy and others are all commonly catergorized as the city bags.  The book has been curated for readers to understand the evolution of each LV bag.

The development is listed in a genealogical style along with visually appealing illustrations that comprise of new and archival photography, historical graphics, landmark editiorials, and ad campaigns.

Published by Rizzoli, Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natura History is available in a limited edition canvas box for £110, or a standard version without the canvas box costs just £55.

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