Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nespresso 2013 Festive Variations Cioccorosso.

Nespresso have announced and released the 2013 Christmas variation, and it is to be Cioccorosso, Chocolate and Red Fruit.  This years variation comes as a product of the fact that they now have three variations flavours as a permanent part of their collection, and so rather than the way in which things have transpired in years past, releasing a selection of three, they asked Nespresso Club members to vote on one of three flavours, and this was the winning choice.

The Ciocorosso capsules have been designed using vibrant and colourful tones, reminiscent of the Sicilian selection available earlier in the year, and the coffee itself is a blend of dark chocolate, Livanto Grand Cru, and red fruit notes.

The pods are available now, at the slight premium of 0.35p per capsule, and will continue until it sells out, quantities are as ever not specified.

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