Wednesday, 11 December 2013

John Lobb Twinstitch Leather Gloves And Cashmere Inner Gloves.

John Lobb have released their first full collection of fine handmade leather gloves, and have done so with typical Lobb Applomb.  The collection includes two pairs of gloves, both of which are titled "twinstitch", one featuring a buckle detail, and one without, and for those of us who wish to insulate ourselves further against the elements, an inner liner in silk and cashmere which may be worn either on its own, or as an inner liner.

As odd as this approach may initially seem, it is in fact inspired, how many times have you invested in a quality pair of gloves, only to find that after one, perhaps two seasons of wear the liners have holes in them?  And what can you do about it?, Nothing, just have nasty cold fingertips, or throw them away.  Lobb's system eliminates this, does the liner have a hole?  sew it, or replace it, the gloves which have attained a lovely pattina, and are so comfortable on the hands, remain.

The elements are all available now from John Lobb stores, prices at £290 for the non buckle glove, £335 for the buckle version, and £265 for the liner.

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