Saturday, 28 December 2013

Loewe Acid Capsule Collection Handbags For 2014.

Loewe is increasingly being taken seriously as a proper luxury brand, understandably so, as they have always set the bar high in terms of the workmanship which has gone into their products, however, a Spanish luxury brand seems a little bit of an oxymoron for many.

For 2014 Loewe will be spicing things up a little, by releasing an brightly coloured selection of their classics titled the "Acids Capsule Collection".  

Inspired by the peacock, a symbol which has been iconic to Loewe for some time, they feature from cool blues to happy yellows and fiery reds, they will be demonstrating it's skill in leather dying by additionally giving a rainbow makeover to two of their best loved bags, the Duna and the Amazona.

The Acids Capsule Collection will be available from late January, prices have not yet been announced.

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