Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Louis Vuitton Offers New Cases With Online Customization Service.

Louis Vuitton have made live on their website a brand new service, specifically targeted at creating technical cases for consumers.  The new service will offer a total of nine cases.  Three for the iPhone 5, three for the iPad mini and three for the iPad air.  Each case is also offered in a variety of 8 colours. Also, there are three finish options, all unique to the technical cases.

The three options are Damier perfore, which embosses the damier pattern into calf leather, Monogram perfore, which does the same with the monogram pattern, and Articles De voyage, which embosses the classic LV travelling logo on leather.

In addition to the variety of available colour options and finishes, there is also a funky new portal, pictured top, which features a breakout type game, and a video of the new cases.  All designed to demonstrate the fun gamified side of the technology which will be held in these cases.

The new technology cases and the customisation service is available now, exclusively online, and costs £255 for the iPhone version, £290 for the iPad mini version and £345 for the iPad air version.

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