Monday, 6 January 2014

Technomarine Aquasphere Wristwatch.

Technomarine has been in the doldrums a little in recent years, although it was the darling of celebrities in the early Noughties, yet the jelly watches with diamonds have become a little tiresome of late.

However with it's latest release, the Aquasphere wristwatch, it may be able to turn these fortunes around.  Featuring a stainless steel case, rubber strap, and 28 freshwater pearls, it is a new take on luxury that looks set to ensure Technomarine are able to present luxury one again in an innovative fashion.

What makes this collection stand out, is the manner in which the pearls are presented, reminiscent of the Chopard "Happy" collections, which feature floating diamond encrusted elements, the pearls are free floating, however, the difference with the Aquasphere collection is not only are the pearls free floating horizontally, but the dome shaped design means the pearls also float vertically.

The Aquasphere will initially be offered in three versions, without diamonds for £650, inlaid with 88 diamonds for £1,500, and inlaid with 176 diamonds for £2,500, and they are available now.

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