Saturday, 25 January 2014

Theodent 300 Luxury toothpaste.

When thinking of Luxury personal care products, toothpaste will not be the first that comes to mind.  Indeed, it may not even register on a short list.  Certainly there are some brands which prodcue expensive toothpastes which cost slightly above the average Oral-B or Colgate product, Janina comes to mind.  Marvis also produce some well packaged luxurious looking dental hygiene pastes.  However, a truly high end luxury product, in the vein of a luxury skincare cream, have so far been unavailable.

Now, Theodent 300, created by a Japanese Chemist named Dr. Tetsu Nakamoto, contains an ingredient discovered by him, named Rennou, this patented ingredient is a derivative of the cocoa bean, and is in all of the products made by Theodent, however, Theodent 300 contains an extra strength dose of the ingredient.

The Theodent 300, despite not containing flouride, promises to restrengthen and re-mineralise the enamel on your teeth.  And to make sure you are in no doubt that this is a luxury product, it has a luxury price tag, £70 per tube, which may make it the most expensive toothpaste ever made.

Theodent 300 is available now from the company's website exclusively.

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