Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chanel's 2014 Haute Joaillerie Collection.

Exhibited at the prestigious Haute Joaillerie presentation in Paris for the Haute Couture Week, Chanel has announced it's 2014 collection.  Again the Lion motif is evident, with the bold Lion Baroque necklace, pictured above.  The focus of this collection is pearls.  The collection is called "Les perls des Chanel",  and each piece heavily features south sea pearls in a dazzling array of colours, including yellows, greys, blacks and of course white. 

Aside from the necklace, there is a plethora of necklaces, including the perles de nuit necklace above, and the Printemps de Camelia necklace below, which uses the house flower, the camelia, and creates a pearl necklace adorned with diamonds in the shape of the flower.

All the Perles des Chanel collection will be available from Chanel's Joaillerie boutiques worldwide from the end of March 2014.  Prices are on Application.

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