Friday, 7 February 2014

Holland & Holland Indian Elephant Square.

Holland & Holland's fashion department has been rather confused the last decade.  First they were acquired by Chanel.  Initially they held true to the original values, producing solid tweed's, brogue's, and shooting garb.  Then, they started producing extremely directional fashion, flirting with haute couture.  And now, they seem to have returned to their roots, producing the heavyweight garments they are so famous for.

And in this vein, over on their female clothing, another thing they were always known for, traditionally inspired scarves, have resurfaced as a stand out product once again.  In particular, this new indian elephant Silk scarf, measuring 200 x 140 cm, available in three colours, and priced at £295.  It evokes the days of the maharaja, and the old lost empire.

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