Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reka Moscow Create The Latest Worlds Most Expensive Cocktail.

We are beginning to become immune to these announcements.  It seems every so many months a new "worlds most expensive cocktail" is announced.  And in each case it is a publicity stunt either to launch a bar, or to promote the bartenders own name.  In this case it is the former.  New Moscow based Ice terrace bar named Reka Moscow, is attempting to attract as much attention as possible.  And so, with a crushing inevitability, we see another pricy cocktail.

Very little needs to be added here to what has already been said.  So let us look at the cocktail itself.  As per usual, the ingredients do not make this a ludicrously expensive beverage.  Rather it is the presence of precious gemstones that bump up the price.  In this case three 1-1.5-carat diamonds.

Apparaently, the bar is quite nice also.  But no-one cares about that, we all just want to know how much the overpriced drink is.  It costs $50,000, and, according to a press release, a regular guest already purchased one.  Friend of the owner perhaps?  Might the diamonds be left on the serving tray after the drinks downed?  We wouldn't like to say. 

But if all this cynicism hasn't put you off, head to Reka Moscow, and enjoy this, or any of the other more reasonably priced options on the menu.

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