Tuesday, 11 March 2014

BAPE Ape Head Rubber Coasters.

One interesting thing about BAPE is, although they seem to be struggling, with their London store closing and been changed to a BBC/Ice Cream store, as reported by us yesterday, and their LA store closing just 4 years ago, with rumours flying of the potential closure of their New York store (denied by the brand). Even as all this potential strife is going on at the brand, they seem to be continuing their march into the homewares market, with this latest release, rubber ape head coasters.

It is a bizarre choice on behalf on Nigo. We would have though that at this juncture, concentrating on the core products that made them big, cool tees and hoodies, would have been far more sensible than carrying on their expansion into products for the home.  An expansion which some insiders say is largely responsible for the problems they are having.

However, they are continuing.  And so we report on their attractive Ape Head rubber coasters.  Made from PVC. and available in three colours, with the iconic ape head in brown, and a camo print on the back.  They are available now, coasting £12 per coaster.

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