Thursday, 17 April 2014

Chanel And Monster Headphones Collaboration.

Karl Largerfeld has been seen bounding around in typically spritely form wearing a pair of rather unusual Chanel and Monster Headphones.  Here we present the first official press image of the phones, from Chanel's press releases.  The collaboration appears to brand the side of the phones with the Chanel's double C, and has Chanel quilted leather on the headband.  In addition, they are presented with a Chanel Quilted leather case, with has the Chanel double C logo, and a black zip around.

As much as we love to provide prices, one simply is not available in this case.  However, we can on the balance of probabilities, make a prediction.  If we consider that an average Chanel bag of around 25cmx12cmx8cm dimensions costs £2,500, and features a quilted leather body, Chanel cross body chain, leather lining, and internal pockets.  And if we apply these sort of dimensions and calculations here.  And if we additionally consider most headphone cases usually measure 18cmx10cmx8cm.  We can reasonably predict they will cost between £900 and £1,800.  Depending on how much Chanel reckon they can get for them.

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