Wednesday, 2 April 2014

iPhone 5/5s Titanium Bumper By Gresso.

Gresso are at it again.  Those crazy guys have obviously done pretty brisk trade with their luxury iPhone cases, as they have gone to the trouble of producing yet another series for the iPhone 5.  Regular readers may remember Gresso were early adopters of the iPhone 5.  They had produced a luxury iPhone case for it before most other brands had even produced normal bumpers.  Now they are reversing this trend, producing luxury bumpers while, if rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 5 is about to be superceded by the iPhone 6.

Rumours aside, Gresso's new model follows their familiar pattern, minimal, constructed with a combination of space age and luxury materials, and with a wealth of customisation options.  In this case, made from Titanium in black or silver, with either a yellow gold or white gold cut out featuring the companies logo, and leather back options ranging from calf to crocodile.

This bumper does however stand out, as it has a unique form factor, and innovative opening mechanism, making it essentially form a second skin, meaning you almost never have to remove it, unless you really wish to do so.  Available from between £700 and £7000 depending on leather options, it can be purchased from Gresso's website and any high end retailers which offer their lines.

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